We are a full-service athletic facility offering a variety of programs including:
    • Private All-Star Teams
    • Recreational Cheerleading Classes
    • Beginner to Elite Tumbling Classes
    • Stunt Classes
    • Camps/Clinics & Private Lessons
    • Open Gyms
    • Little Explorers Academy Preschool Sports Enhancement classes
    • Ninja Classes
    • Super Hero Classes
    • Parkour Training
    • Open Gyms
    • Private Classes, Camps & Clinics
    • Choreography
    • Rentals




IMPORTANT COVID-19 Information!

With the current regulations due to Covid-19 we are requiring all athletes as well as their parents/guardians to watch the following Safety Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPr5S6cRKOo

Attached is our policies until further notice due to the current Covd-19 regulations. Please note the following rules are currently in place due to COVID-19 Regulations:
  •  Parent Drop Off ONLY. All Athletes MUST be dropped off and picked up. No Parent will be able to enter building.
  • Athletes will line up outside 6 feet apart on the markings made throughout the parking lot 5 minutes before their schedules class.
  • NO BAGS OF ANY KIND will be allow in building unless needed for medical reason!
  • Masks MUST be worn while entering and exiting the building. No Athlete will be allowed to enter without proper mask covering.