A Summer at CF

What was it like to be a CF All-Star this SUMMER?

1. You met your new teammates and began working together once a week at the start of June!

2. You attended a Clinic with WORLD CUP Shooting Star and Golden Sun coaches! You also did a Clinic with Bucky O’Leary od WC/TG

3. You learned the meaning of 212, and what it really means to go the extra degree!

4. You went through various bonding events during your first Work Weekend with the CF Staff and learned what being a team is all about!

5. You met Victor Rosario of TOP GUN All-Stars and endured a vigourous clinic on technique and learned the importance of progression.

6. You learned about and took the iPromise pledge….and you meant it!

7. You enjoyed a Fun Filled day at 6 Flags with your teammates!

8. You were in the Foxboro Founders Day Parade and you would have performed at NA Kids Day (but didnt because of a flash flood!)

9. You and your team did the TWISTED SKILLZ camp with 5 of the best instructors from around the country INCLUDING Tye Hill, Megan Klein, Kyle Blach,  to name a few.

10. Your routines were choreographed to perfection by LUKE JOHNSON, MYKHEL and SINEL!

and that was just the summer………

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